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Announcing My Candidacy

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Hey everyone!

Just thought I would let you know that I am a candidate in the upcoming election for Hastings Lennox and Addington. I’m running for the Peoples Party of Canada (PPC).

A couple points about the PPC because not many people have heard of them;

1. We are big on freedom, a lot of small businesses lost everything because they were not allowed to be open during the pandemic even when other big box stores were. If we can safely shop at one why can’t we safely shop at them all? Bill C-10 was also an attempt at a major loss of freedom of speech which in my opinion is not ok.

2. We also are the only party that seems to be concerned about the debt. The conservatives say they will balance the budget in 10 years but someone forgot to tell them that it’s only a 4 year term... the PPC plans to balance the budget in two years. (And if it’s the same plan as last election the money won’t come from Canadian social programs it will come from stopping foreign aid until we can afford it again and stopping handouts to big business which really makes it unfair for anyone else starting a business)

3. We are also the only truly Democratic Party. There are no whip votes (that’s why all the members of the liberals always vote one way and the conservatives vote the other regardless of what is good for the individual MP’s riding’s.). We have the freedom to vote for what is best for our individual area. Which is how democracy is supposed to work right? The other is more of a dictatorship of four guys is it not?

Anyway hope you are all staying safe and doing well. I didn’t really want an election right now as it looks like we might be heading into a fourth wave but Trudeau kinda made that choice for everyone. So we must roll with the punches.

Have a great day!

James Babcock

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